Help with DuoHacker v3

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I get a popup saying "Authentication expired, please renew.":

This means that you were authenticated before, but are not anylonger. Take a look into the #info channel on the Discord the find out more.

I get a popup saying "Not authenticated!":

This means that you are and never were authenticated. Use "auth trial" in the #auth-channel on Discord. If you did already, make sure, that you have developer tools open and disabled cache, othwerwise visit and add your DuoHacker ID to the url, reload once, then open Duolingo and try again.

Can I renew my trial?

Yes you can, but a payment is required. The trial lasts 24 hours and is Duolingo account specific. This means every Duolingo account can get a free trial. After that you can buy an authentication. The prices are listed in the #info channel on Discord.